Combination of folk fairs, professional development out of the bathroom industry, a new road

Overwhelming in the face of domestic and foreign markets, large and small bathroom business, professional exhibition has become a central display, the best platform for the exchange. Under normal circumstances such event only allows visitors exhibitors, the general public is hard to see. But a few days ago ended the 2010 China (Zhongshan) shower room industry exhibitions, fairs and civil professional exhibition will combine two days before the main event for the professional audience, the third day open to the public, after all, a possible attempt. It is part of the exhibitors, the show's sales are very impressive.

Currently the auto show has become a more mature of the forms mode, the media exhibition on view, visitors and the general audience on Sundays and relatively independent of organic integration, often to show results on its head. Show can also be scheduled on site, on-site purchase, Bugatti, Lamborghini and other top brands resulting in a number of gimmicks for enterprises in the free publicity. Do the same circumstances, bathroom exhibition open to the public why not?

With the concept of product brand image among consumers, drive sales directly to ordinary products. Down high above the professional attitude and try to trade show last day or half day open to the general public. Are responsive to environmental protection, low-carbon fashion. Many participated in various exhibitions exhibitors bathroom companies said was a "costly" activities, in particular, the sample is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive logistics and transportation has also increased the risk of recurrent costs. Sample if the show will sell direct, saving the sample logistics costs, but also reduce the risk of circulation. For some terminals, and distribution channels, more sound channels, the strength of enterprises, not only in the late exhibition sales samples, also can contract the retail consumer orders, and then follow up by distributors around the follow-up delivery, installation and other services.

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