The electronic bathroom will dominate the future market

In the Chinese market has been around for more than 10 years later, its performance in the Chinese market has been constrained because of the special social environment and social development progress. Currently, the toilet in the city has gradually alternative squatting. About to enter its market saturation. Aggregation of a variety of factors will bring the market of smart toilet, and smart cover sales rose.

A variety of factors can be summarized as climate, geography, and. (1) and: Currently consumers after 70,80 human consumption ahead of the two times, the pursuit of fashion and comfortable living, especially beloved electronic products. The people of this era created spurt appliances, smart phones, computers and other electronics industry development. (2) Austria: China Asian countries universal application of the country of late electronic toilet, toilet habits, the formation of the toilet between the environment and health requirements than Korean home late, in Japan and South Korea electronic bathroom is already a very mature industry, the use of proportion should be 70% or more. Electronic toilet rate is less than 10%. So the rise in Chinese electronic cover point, there is a great market for bathroom enterprises in China. (3) days, the toilet is configured between the toilet popularity of Chinese families. The improvement of the people go to the toilet requirements will drive the pace of product upgrades. How can consumer product upgrades, which businesses can do to minimize the cost to do this, which enterprises will become a large market take.

2012 many companies, distributors, agents in the deserted market worries bitter brain Du Feini bathroom in the first half of 2012, sales statistics, sales of smart cover in no promotions premise, still into increased up trend. This Sliy Sanitary ware  that future market electronic bathroom will become a wholly new companies and distributors are up points.

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